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The marshall patted her hand. "We may like that but King James willna wish it."

"I would gladly make my sister Catherine a widow," she said. "My father didna wish her to marry the man. He isna kind to her." Her teeth began to chatter.

"Again, King James willna agree with ye."

"So what is the plan?"

"Laird Malcolm will leave the castle wearing Master Duff's mask. The keeper will go with him until a certain point, when the laird will go on alone to exchange with ye. The laird is to be there alone, as is Ross. We expect him to cheat, so Malcolm will carry his whips. Master Duff said he's good with them."

"Whips?" She shuddered. "I canna abide them."

"They may save our laird's life."

She couldn't imagine losing him. "I wish him back, Marshall."

"We trust he will return."

"Unharmed," she added.

Chapter Fifteen.

"Where is my wife?"

Malcolm stared coldly at Laird Alexander Ross. He clasped his hands behind his back to stop himself from reaching for the b.a.s.t.a.r.d's neck and breaking it. He knew Ross did not have Kiera but could not let on. Walking down the steep road to the village, masked as Duff, he'd caught a glimpse of her face in the cart of servants that trundled past. In case he was watched he could not give her as much as a wink to say he'd seen her. Her head was down, but Camden had seen him. The bright lad had winked but made no other sign.

Having Kiera and Camden safe was all that mattered. That, and vengeance.

He would like very much to do something to Laird Ross. Something painful and permanent. Unfortunately he could not kill him without bringing King James's wrath down on the MacDougals and the MacKenzies.

Ramsey stood at his back, too far away to do much more than throw a knife. In his left hand he openly held Malcolm's claymore in its baldric. Duff's mask was hidden in the folds of his plaid, as were the set of whips in Malcolm's.

As expected, Ross had come on a s.h.i.+p that waited offsh.o.r.e. Once Malcolm arrived on the beach Ross had come in by boat with two men and a heavily cloaked woman pretending to be Kiera. One man now stood guard on the sh.o.r.e while the other waited in the boat, ready to row Ross to safety. Anyone who knew Kiera would not be fooled. Not only was this woman too small, Kiera would never sit still.

"Sitting in my boat, of course." Ross swung his arm wide and behind him. "You are lucky to have such a quiet, well-behaved wife. Her sister took some time to learn manners. Yet since my man rowed her out to me this one has not spoken or moved." He laughed. "I'd heard she had a vicious tongue. You must have tamed her well."

Ross didn't know the woman was an imposter?

Todd had left Kiera and Camden in a cottage by the sh.o.r.e and returned to the castle. He'd reported they'd cleared out the cave so anyone coming to get Kiera would not be able to tell if she'd ever been there. Todd said Kiera told him the sister, Molly, was still and silen

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