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Stop talking, you... Body on fire, she let herself melt into him.

His skin slapping hers, he snarled, "You are the best, Red." He drove into her, holding her like a doll. "Stay the week with me."

"You ever gonna shut up?"

He s.h.i.+fted his weight, holding her now with one hand. Big Daddy's golden eyes gazed into hers. Not amused, he said, "Don't ever tell me to shut up." He nuzzled her nose with his. "We'll talk about your choking-smacking thing-later."

She wanted him to strike her, she couldn't figure out why, but she did. Something told her he didn't get into degrading a woman.

Respect. Power. Wors.h.i.+p.

Taddy rode him faster. "Harder." She came again. Holy s.h.i.+t. "Fuuuck." His domination had made her come, especially when he told her he was the boss and he wasn't into treating her like a wh.o.r.e.

You are the best, Warner, the best...

"You like it rough, my little Red." s.h.i.+mmying to the bed with her in his arms, he rested her on the mattress.

She fell back on the pillows in awe. He stunned her. He scared her. He amazed her.

Nostrils flared, his chest heaved as heat radiated from his body. His man-buds hardened to her touch. Lifting both legs up, he reprimanded, "Look at this mess you've made, Red." Palms over her c.l.i.t, he tapped on her mound with a suction and release several times. Tap. Tap.

Her body shook. She came again. f.u.c.k. "Lick me up." She bit down on her pointer finger, playing up the coy, disarrayed state.

Lowering his mouth to her wetness, he thrust his tongue deep inside, his nose buried inside her walls as well. He tongue-f.u.c.ked her then grunted, "Dirty little girl. You're my dirty girl. Say it."

"I'm not a talker, Truman." Taddy didn't realize it until now, but for some reason being with Warner made her quiet. She'd started to pull into herself, and just as she couldn't determine why, she wanted him to strike her-she hadn't a clue as to why she was withdrawing.

Nevertheless, she was.

When she'd dominated men in bed, normally she'd tell them what to do. Whether it was licking her toes, ma.s.saging her shoulders or shaving her legs-they'd do it. Although tonight, in his arms, she couldn't talk or think, she fought the urge inside her to not feel. That took a lot of energy and effort on her part, not to feel. He wasn't one of her friends or an employee. She couldn't.

He spread her legs wide. "Say it, Brill."

For Pete's sake. "I'm your girl."

"No! Say it."

"I'm Big Daddy's dirty girl."

"And what do you want Big Daddy to do to his dirty girl?"

"Lick me clean."

s.e.x with Warner became a euphoric trip to Candy Land. She'd never imagined it could be this extreme, genuine and vocal. Such a New Yorker! Their kissing and petting night in St. Barth's came off sweet and almost cute in comparison to tonight's savage alpha-to-alpha exchange.

Taddy wondered if Warner had built-up s.e.xual frustration, perhaps for not getting with her

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