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Who calls themselves Kiki?

"Ouch! It's Kelly Izatt. I'm from New York, please don't-"

The task force pushed her to the side.

Warner stepped around the Kiki girl, looking for whoever was in charge. "I'm Warner Truman, owner of this hotel." He handed his card to the uniformed officer, who was taking control of the situation.

"Man of the hour." The detective greeted him with sarcasm. "Any idea what you have going in here, Mr. Truman?"

"This room is the VIP suite held for Air Euro Airways executives. Hotel du France contracts a standing reservation with their team yearly. I don't understand-"

"Monsieur Truman. We're charging your airline friends with public indecency."

"Add drug possession." Another officer came out with a ziplock bag filled with white powder.

Inside the room, there were a few people handcuffed.

"They're shooting a p.o.r.no." The officer pointed at the camera equipment.

He turned to see the short blonde he'd pa.s.sed standing in the corner. Her eyes had filled with tears. Warner approached. "Are you with Air Euro?"

"Not exactly," Kiki replied with a shaky voice. "I work for Brill, Inc."

"What's that?"

"A media firm."

"What's your airline connection?"

"Monsieur Jerome du Tautou lent us the room. I didn't know it'd get so crazy. I-" She started to sob but managed to say she was truly sorry.

"If she's not on the reservation, we can charge her with trespa.s.sing," encouraged the officer whose badge read "Gaston."

Warner confirmed with a nod and stepped to the side, witnessing the American pressed against the doorway.

"Dejon! Please don't let them do this to us," Kiki shouted to a tall man against the wall. She started to cry so hard a female officer came over to help cuff her. She was then carted off with the actors, camera crew and the tall guy named Dejon.

Midtown, New York, NY Princess Lolly costume fitting? Check. Candy Land Ball was all set.

Lipstick & Lead Rifle Range? Check. Two rounds had been fired.

Dominatrix sling cla.s.s? Double check. Whipped and then beaten.

Feet soaked in eucalyptus? Working on it.

Taddy had followed Kiki's suggestion. She'd spent early Sat.u.r.day afternoon at Exhale Bliss Day Retreat on Fifth Avenue. The Neve Adele account could wait until Sunday. Taddy had selected the perfect bright red shade in a translucent crimson base with a top glitter coat.

"Mr. Kim Lee, let's do my toes in this Baden Cosmetics color called Stilettos Slamming."

In agreement, he took the nail polish bottle from Taddy and went to work on her feet. A favorite of Vive's and Lex's, Mr. Lee had been voted by Harper's Bazaar as the best pedicurist in town.

Flipping through an expired Debauchery magazine copy, she sipped her jasmine tea with an artificial sweetener. The hot beverage soothed her tender throat, which felt raw from smoking the entire Nat Sherman pack last night.

The pedicure chair vibrated under her a.s.s and stimul

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