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Chapter 13

Translated by Tam

Edited by Tam

The image of someone ready to be beaten had been completely drained. The actions were excessive.

“…It’s all right now, that’s enough.” Serdel pushed her out of bed and opened the terrace door wide. The warm sun poured in slowly, helped by the cool wind. The dream’s contents spread out in her mind as the dazed energy faded.


It was a fuss. It was quite a fuss. Usually, this is enough to dismiss it as a crazy dream. Didn’t she just hear the term “foresight dream” from Cartal yesterday? Furthermore, it’s normal for her to wake up from a normal dream with only the afterimage and blurry, but this wasn’t the case.

‘The content is becoming more clear.’

As if it’s imprinted on her mind.

‘A huge collaboration—’

The green fog that surrounded her, as well as the powerful power that it had transmitted. When they took the special ability they wanted, it was unmistakably a phenomenon in the Elbash forests.

‘But how come the 2nd Prince appears?’

Her fist was clenched unknowingly. Why did he try to save her once more? What exactly is it? Why? Because the situation was not shown from the start, it was difficult to infer it accurately.

‘The future me would never have worked with the 2nd Prince.’

Obviously, he’s moved on his own.

‘The atmosphere tells me that I was the first to arrive at this location.’

According to the actions of the 2nd Prince, if they had gone together in the first place, they would not have been caught in the green fog.

Cerdel’s eyes shook.

‘Did the original work’s power eventually lead him there?’

It was natural for him to take it in the original, but it was unfair. At the same time, she was irritated.

‘Damn it. So, who got Radun’s distribution?’

Even when he looked at him, the green fog would not let him go. Instead, he attacked him as if he didn’t want to be disturb. One issue arose in the last scene she witnessed. He used the sword’s aura to attack the green fog once more. A sabotage that continues while power is being absorbed.

‘What if he realized who he was supposed to be in, and spit me out?’ (t/n : This part talks about the power and the original owner of the power.)

Her mind has been racing with possible hypotheses.

‘How come I woke up?’

She should have seen the end result! Her blood is starting to boil with anger. Let’s just keep her eyes and ears open, Knock Knock Knock! With an urgent knock, the door swung open.


It was Addis. And Redan quickly followed. She was already so confused that he shouted first.

“Hey! What the hell are you thinking?”

“—What is going on with Sister and Brother? What’s all the fuss about this morning?”

In his ears, the tone of her voice became ferocious. For a brief moment, Redan’s eyes were shaken by her cold response.

“Hey, hey! What exactly are you so calm about? Huh? You will explore! Is that what you mean? Does that make sens

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