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Count Cartal Robbesta, who had returned to the family following the Imperial conference, was greeted by Serdel. “Are you back, Father?”

The footsteps that had been going by indifferently had come to a halt. He turned his head to look at her smile.

“…Where… Are you not feeling well?”


That’s right.

Serdel smiled as she clicked her tongue inside.

Since the death of her mother, the Countess, 10 years ago, there has been no conversation in her family. In this mansion, Serdel, whom she possessed, was very eccentric. With a blunt father and no particular talents between an older sister and an older brother, she was nothing more than an ugly duckling.

As a result, it was natural that even the most casual and ordinary greetings were unfamiliar to each other.

‘There was nothing to see face to face.’

“Whoa, I’m tired.”

Just then, someone came in.

The eldest son of the family, Redan Robbesta, Serdel’s brother, loosened the cravat and unbuttoned the shirt that was tied around his neck.

“You’re back, Brother.” Serdel smiled softly once again.

“….Are you sick anywhere?”


Again, it is.

“You haven’t eaten yet, have you? Why don’t we do it in the dining room together instead of separately today? I’ve already prepared everything, so just change your clothes and come.”


Two people remained silent.

“I have something to say after dinner.”

“…You’re not putting poison in the food, are you? Or did you make it yourself? Has she been in and out of the kitchen since she was a kid? I don’t think your abilities have improved as much as when you have your nails done.”

It’s embarrassing for her to do something she’s never done before. With a serious expression, Redan muttered.

“Please change your clothes and come out.”

Cartal went inside first.

Redan followed behind him, murmuring quietly. “…What are you going to say, even make you cook a meal? By the way, did she really make it? She didn’t cook soup out of sand, did she?”

Serdel couldn’t help but smile when she saw him like that.

“I’m going to eat and have a stomach ache…”



“It’s a little sad that Lady Addis isn’t here, but it’s great to see everyone eating together after a long time.

“That’s right.”


Despite the butler’s and maid’s efforts, no words were said between the three of them. The only sound in the quiet was the clatter of plates. By the time the maids in the back had their complexion turned blue by this suffocating atmosphere.

Serdel put the fork and knife down. Now that they’ve eaten a little, it’s time for her to do her business. “I broke my engagement with Count Maient.”



Redan, who was on the point of pulling out the wine, hastily covered his lips with a napkin. Cartal’s gaze was drawn to her only then. His brow began to drop.

“I thought he was asking for a date, but he told me to break up.”

“What are you.. so calm

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