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“…Don’t get me wrong: I recommended Sir Damon because of his abilities, not because of a change of heart.”

“You don’t like him, do you?”

Why are you suddenly being so persistent?

The middle of the brow drew together. “I don’t dislike him.”

“Then what the hell is the point? You’re saying you like him!”

“I just think it’s a good partner to run the family business together.”

She had been responding to him because she didn’t want him to be too loud, but she was speechless.‘I thought you might have misunderstood.’Nonetheless, since when has he been interested in her? He also seems to be losing his mind.

Even the Cartal, who had caused the situation to be this way, seemed relieved. “For now, I understand what you think. I’ll have to try putting on the Marquis of Spendar soon.” Cartal, who packed the papers, got up first.

Serdel also tried to go out, but Redan stopped her.

“Never with that jerk again.”

“Yes, it’s best to avoid meeting that jerk!”

And Addis also said, sympathize with her.

‘Did they use drugs to make the cake I bought in Monranche?’

She’s tired. “Will you let me go? I need to rest.”

“—Yeah. But, once again, he’s too handsome to do it.”

“You must live up to your character if you have one. Please keep this in mind.”


Serdel clicked her tongue inside as she stared at the two of them, their eyes flashing like hyenas.

How strange, really.


The following day, Cartal sent out a man to the Marquis of Spendar to set up an appointment. After two days. He visited the family in person.

“Young Lady, it’s been a few days.”

He took Serdel’s hand in his and kissed her hand as naturally as a flowing wave. Siri, who was standing behind her, was in incredible pain. Perhaps another fork is hidden in the apron pocket.

Her muttering that she had to hit with the big fork was a little concerning.

Other than that, “Nice to see you here.” The halo was no joke, with a bright smile and even sunlight pouring down on his head. At some point, the butler’s and maid’s vision became hazy as well.

They don’t have forks or aprons on their arms, do they?

“It’s nice to see you again. I’ll take you to see my father.”

There were too many eyes to properly respond. She was cautious for some reason, believing that if she said anything, the servants would misinterpret everything.

Whether he realizes it or not.

“Today the Young Lady is not the same as she was a few days ago. Did you know it was cold at first glance—?”


“That’s why I can’t take my eyes off you.”

Did he eat the entire block of butter? Serdel turned around casually because it wasn’t worth answering. The butler and maid, including Siri, clenched their fists and said,‘Well done,’as the flame from their eyes faded due to the lukewarm response.

“It’s interesting.” Damon’s eyes brightened with a smile. “What a great place.”

Serdel escorted Damon to Cartal’s private office

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