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Chapter 17

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“Does that look like him?”


Of course, he’s more like a human being, and what he just said sounded more like a mockery of Count Maient, who had just come to mind. Siri’s gaze was drawn to Terra. When he took the money out of his shoes, he had a pocket of money in one hand and a smelly shoe sole in the other.

Ssk, covering her nose with her hands, Siri turned away.

“…it’s a saying.”


Edward Blaine. His armed condition, which goes by the alias Blaine, was quite impressive. A long sword hung from the hand, a bow and arrow on the back, and a thick leather belt tied around the waist, with daggers and middle swords hanging from various bags. He looked more like a warrior than a gladiator, dressed in worn-out leather armor, black leather pants, and leather shoes.

His opponent was a middle-aged man with a long scar on the left side of his face. There were also numerous wounds on the body. The two men stood there staring at each other. Following a brief moment, a middle-aged man jumped in first.


He slammed the ground and reached for Blaine’s hand, stretching out his big hand. She could tell he was serious about grabbing his neck and shoving him. The man’s body, which had been caught in one swoop, was bent back just before his hand touched Blaine’s neck.


It was instant.


It wasn’t broken, but a man’s open mouth screamed in pain as his muscles were being pulled hard. His wide eyes were filled with blood, and veins bulge out of his thick arms. As time passed, it grew darker and darker.

Blaine pushed him away after putting pressure on him for a while, provoking boos from the audience. It must be to provide a scene of its own that does not immediately suppress it. The man who had been pushed forward in a hunched position twisted his upper body. His eyes were glistening with flesh.

“I didn’t like this bastard from the first time I saw him in the waiting room!”

The man regains his posture and kaak! once the distance is separated. He spit on the ground. It was a vulgar gesture to show that he wasn’t afraid.

“Damn. What is the percentage of my win rate here!”

The man who determined that he was not a right opponent drew the middle sword he was wearing around his waist and held it in both hands. But he couldn’t get to it right away.

It was because he was overwhelmed by Blaine’s atmosphere. A cold sweat ran down the man’s forehead.

Woooo… Woooooooo.

The audience eventually booed.

“Hey, you little bastard! I’ve bet a lot of money on you; what are you doing in front of a newbie?”

“Let’s get this over with! It’s well worth the money!

Rough swear words poured out everywhere.


The man grated his teeth under constant pressure, revealing his yellow teeth. With a short sound, he rushed to Blaine and lowered his posture, aiming for Blaine’s waist.


However, the

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