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Serdel’s servants’ eyes have changed significantly since Siri became a disciple of the vice-captain. Siri is cool as well, carrying the sword in her heart to protect her master, but Serdel is the one who believes she has talent and has shown it to Addis. As a result, Siri became a direct disciple of the vice-captain.

Everything has changed in her life. This came as a new shock to the servants. Serdel didn’t stop there; she also provided Siri with a sword and support. In order to properly care for her, she checked ahead of time to see if the Knights were missing anything and filled in the gaps.

She went into the kitchen because she was also worried about her diet. She examines the food in the warehouse and instructs the chef and butler to serve high-quality meals to not only the knights, but everyone.

She also began to pay attention to the mansion’s overall management. Naturally, the servants were kept busy as a result of her orders. It was a once-in-a-lifetime sight. The mansion, which had previously been lifeless, was now overflowing with full energy as a result of this.

While watching this silently, Cartal called Serdel into his office. His face was stiffer than usual.

‘Is it too bad—?’

She felt bad for no reason. She was anxious about Siri, who would be staying with the knights, so taking care of a little bit from behind became a big deal. She noticed inefficient problems she hadn’t seen before as soon as she touched on one subject, the mansion work.

She couldn’t help but step forward.

“Originally— it’s the hostess’s job. What you’re doing. Since I don’t have a wife, Addis, or Redan, who has an obligation to assist the successor, should have stepped forward.”


She knew it. Was it bothering him?

Not knowing what to say, Serdel chose to remain silent for a while.

“However, before becoming an heir, Addis served as a knight in the Imperial family, so she spends more time outside than inside the family— despite her pride in her subordinates, she is unlikely to be the next owner I can rely on. She’s never worked on a big project before—”

He hesitated unknowingly. The head, which was about to be lowered deeply, also said. “Redan, he’s not taking care of the family at all because he’s only out there. He was also busy with matters concerning the estate, so he left the task about house to Monem, the butlers and vice-butlers.”

Monem has been the Count’s House head maid for the longest time. She had been the head maid till 10 years ago, but as she grew older, she naturally passed over the position to the current maid and retired from the front line. No, she thought so.

‘I didn’t know you were doing the most important thing behind me.’

Serdel was a caring person from an early age, but Serdel was uncomfortable with her for some reason. As a result, they’ve only met a few times in the past, and it’s the same now.

‘I haven’t heard that name in a long t

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