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familiesinzion > The Young Lady Who Broke Her Engagement Is Only Obsessed With The Ending > Volume N/A - CH 19
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“—What should I do?”

“I can’t explain in detail right now, but I hope you can help me with the power you have. If you do, I’ll find your sister within 20 days. If I can’t find her within the promised period, this transaction will be null and void.”


“As a reward for saving your precious time, I’ll give you twice as much money as you have now. What do you think, I don’t believe it’s a lose-lose situation for you? “


“Instead, I have a condition: first, don’t be curious about my abilities, and second, don’t mention it carelessly.”

If he could think, he would have realized what type of ability she was talking to. Nonetheless, the reason she put such a condition was to earn more trust by throwing something that could be considered her own weakness.

“—Are you, Are you sure you can find my sister?”

“I promise. I can give you a new identity if you want. If you want to leave with your younger sister, you can leave. As long as you take care of my business clearly.”

“Until now— there were many people who wanted me.”

‘I’m sure it is.’

“There were noble women who grabbed my hand and said they’d do anything for me.” He came a step closer. “However, no one has ever made a proposal like the Lady. My sister is my only blood relative. I must find her. I don’t need money. Please find her unconditionally. Otherwise— I’m not sure what I’ll do with my eyes fixed on the Lady who touched me.”

Serdel smiled widely at him, who reacted with caution to the threat.

“So, should I give you time to think about it?”


He bowed his head with an answer.

“I’ll take the Lady’s suggestion, and if you can find my younger sister, I’ll do anything.”

“Okay, great. So, shall we start by writing a contract as a token of our trust in each other?”

She wrote down what she just said in the magic contract she had prepared. After hesitating for a while, he signed his autograph only after reconfirming that there was nothing disadvantageous to him.

“I will be in your care.”

“Please— take good care of me. And my name is Blenn.”

She already knew that.

“Yes, follow me, Blenn.”


Before going back to the family, they stopped by the clothing store.

“Will you choose, or will I choose?”

“What are you—”

“Your clothes. I can’t take you like that.”

He looked at his conditions.

“You’re not going to say, ‘I’m comfortable with this,’ are you?”

“….it’s not comfortable.”

Well. Until a few years ago, he was also the Young Master of a noble family. He has no choice but to adapt and live in the situation he finds himself in.

“Then pick one.”


He stepped up and couldn’t pick his clothes.

“…Okay— Please choose by yourself.”

‘I don’t mean to say no, but won’t you go first?’

It seemed like it was crashing against the wall. He didn’t even try to hide it.It’s as if he doesn’t need a reason to fight this opponent. A

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