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familiesinzion > Emperor’s Domination > Chapter 3907: Sword Harmonization Box
Though infuriated by the contempt, both Sword Hero and the Praetor maintained their composure. They had enough experiences on-and-off the battlefield to always stay calm.

Nonetheless, they must kill the two animals in order to keep their reputation and prestige.

“So arrogant.” An expert from Righteous said.

“Like master, like pet. This is to be expected.” His ancestor smiled wryly while shaking his head.

Others agreed because they have seen Li Qiye’s imperious style before. It seemed that he wasn’t the only one. His entire group seemed to share the same characteristic.

“Are the Sacred Lord’s pets from Sacred Mountain too?” Those from the holy ground had no problem with this group’s arrogance.

The Sacred Lord was the ultimate existence in the south. Only Righteous Supreme could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him. Therefore, his attitude couldn’t be considered arrogance.

“I haven’t heard of Sacred Mountain grooming any divine beast. Maybe this is the case, it’s just that we don’t know since we’ve never been there.” An ancestor from a large sect responded.

“Sacred Mountain is the ultimate auspicious ground in our land, the chaos energy there is immensely dense. Having divine beasts there makes sense.” A national teacher said confidently.

Few in the holy ground have visited Sacred Mountain. The four grandmasters were fortunate to do so according to rumors. Some believed that Archaic Sun King before his coronation went there as well. Others included Guan Tianba and Righteous Supreme.

Because of this, though everyone knew about Sacred Mountain, there weren’t many details about this area. The crowd wondered whether Black and Yellow were from there.

“An auspicious place like that should have auspicious beasts.” Most nodded in agreement.

“Hmm, they look like king-level chaos primal beasts.” On the other hand, an old ancestor observed the beasts for a while before suggesting, albeit without confidence.

“Show me what you can do then!” Sword Hero shouted but didn’t dare to underestimate Black after seeing its power.

“Boom!” He activated his power and released twelve palaces. Chaos energy engulfed the area around him.

However, the twelve palaces didn’t float above his head. They started spreading towards all four directions.

“My brave warriors! Follow me to hell itself!” Sword Hero roared.

“To hell itself!” The three thousand loyal soldiers shouted with great bloodthirst.

“Rumble!” They all released their fate palaces as well. More than ten thousand palaces floated magnificently in the air.

They started connecting with each other while relying on Sword Hero’s twelve palaces as the cores. A great city came into being.

“Clank!” Sword Hero then took out a sword box. The moment it appeared, numerous sword hymns could be heard.

“Sword Harmonization Box, didn’t Sacred Mountain give this to Vajra?!” A big shot was shocked to see it.

“Right, it is for their administrative contr

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