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*konnn* *konnn*

The sound of the dawn bell echoing made me straighten up.

“You shouldn’t be doing this!”

I tried flailing my legs to get him to put me down, but the ends of his mouth only dropped in dissatisfaction and he returned to rubbing against me. This guy, is he a cat?

The longer he held me, the more embarrassed I became. It was hard to see him because his bangs had grown, but Fikar was surprisingly handsome. People in this world have skeletons similar to Westerners, though, so it’s like all of them have a filter that makes them good-looking.

“You just got back, right, Fikar? Why don’t you go get changed and relax?”

Nodding, Fikar started walking with me still in his hands. Are you going to walk like this the whole 5 minutes back to the house? This isn’t strength training…

“Hold it, I still have to go to work… Also, I’m renting a room above the guild’s office right now. The house was too big for just one person.”

The ends of his mouth dropped even more.

The house where we had both lived was where Gartis-san’s younger brother had once lived with his family. They had run a store nearby until about three years ago, when they moved to the royal capital because their sons were being accepted to knight and medical schools one after another. Because of all the growing boys that had once lived there, the house was big. On the first floor, there was a living room, a kitchen, a pantry, a laundry room, a bathroom1, and a large storage room, while the second floor had four bedrooms. It was frankly a pain in the butt for me to clean all by myself.

This world was full of creatures completely different from the ones I knew, including those screaming plants. Many of them were large and ferocious, so there was a well-developed Adventurer’s Guild that took care of jobs like extermination and gathering rare materials.

Although the Adventurer’s Guild sometimes took care of the rare dangerous tasks like defeating a big dragon, most of their requests were so closely tied with everyday life and so many people were involved in its operations that most people said that it was less of an “Adventurer’s Guild” and moreso just a “Guild”.

For example, if there were a request to help gather herbs for cooking, both employer and client must’ve been members of the guild, so most people in this world were registered as adventurers regardless of their occupation. For this reason, there was a guild branch in every town to take care of requests and administrative duties.

Gartis-san was the director of the guild branch in Tortea and, after consulting him, I was allowed to borrow the spare room above the office on the condition that I take on many night shifts.

“The house was aired out the day before yesterday, but I might need to clean it some more… so stop it and let me down!”

Fikar nodded slowly, only to continue trying to walk away with me in his arms. I flailed around som

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