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familiesinzion > Another World Where I Can’t Even Collapse and Die > Volume N/A - CH 12

Sniffing the air, Liliana dazedly whispered to herself, “I, I feel very hungry…”

“What’s this smell? Is someone cooking?!”

“… I’m hungry too…”

The smell was tantalizingly mouthwatering and a pang of hunger rose inside of me.

Suddenly, I realized what it was and grabbed the hands of Lukitas and Liliana, who were nearby.

“Fikar, grab those two!”

Fikar nodded and grabbed Marth and Leonardo by the neck as they were about to walk away. The himekoryuu made a higher-pitched KueKue! than usual while facing upward.

“Everyone, attention~ That’s the himekoryuu’s warning sound.”

“Oi, I don’t care about that. Let’s go to the source of that smell.”

“That’s right, I’m hungry!”

“Sumire-chan, I can’t take it~”

“I’ll listen properly after this…”

“That, that! I’m telling you, it’s dangerous.”

The children, who were complaining about being restrained by Fikar and I, tilted their heads at that. I suppressed my hunger and put on a serious face.

“If you lose to this delicious smell, you’ll die.”


“And you will suffer while you die.”

“Iyaa~ But I’m hungry~”

“Could it be?… Is this the smell of a shikui mushroom1?”

Leonardo, who was always with his best friend, his book, guessed the correct answer.

“Good job, Leonardo. That’s right, this is the smell of one of the most dangerous mushrooms, the shikui mushroom. It smells good, doesn’t it? Let’s go see what it looks like.”

“What’s so dangerous about a nice-smelling mushroom?!”

“You’ll see once we get there.”

“Sumire, this way!”

I tried holding back the children, but they pulled me along through the forest. The himekoryuu was chirping shrilly, racing back and forth in front of the group. Su also tried stepping in front of Fikar to block his path, but was only pushed out of the way.

“Su and the himekoryuu know it’s dangerous, so they’re trying to stop us.”

“Is it really that dangerous? It might not be if we go there.”

“Isn’t there an adventurer makingmilk soup?”

“Right?~ Maybe there’s a candy store there~”

“Maybe they’re smoking meat.”

“Yep, that’s it! That’s the trait of shikui mushrooms!”

“Ehhh? What’s that?”

I pointed that out as I pulled back the children, who were trying to go ahead of me like excited puppies.

“What does it smell like to you guys?”

“What are you talking about, Sumire? Isn’t it definitely milk?”

“Oi, what’s the matter with your nose? This smell is walnut pie no matter how you look at it.”

“Eh~ It’s totally different~ It’s fruit cake~”

“… It smells like smoked deer.”

“Everyone smells something completely different, right? They’re all your favorite foods.”

The scent of a shikui mushroom was a different kind of hallucination from the popolicus, making you think that you’re smelling what you most want to eat. Moreover, it simultaneously stimulated your hunger center.

By the way, I smelled curry. Whe

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