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Chapter 5

Translator: Eonnicorn / Editor: Vy

It was a sunny and hot afternoon. Eva and Pamela huddled up under the blackberry vines, holding their breath. Their eyes were drawn to the shadow across the river. To be more precise, the men who stood there.

“Eva, do you see those two gentlemen over there?”

“Yes. I see them, Pam…”

Eva answered calmly as she picked at the vines. Even without Pamela pointing them out, those two were already in their field of vision.

There laid a blonde-haired man with his hands on the back of his head and a brown-haired man with one elbow placed on the ground, lifting up the upper half of his body. The tall tree on the bank cast its shadow over them, providing shade. They ride horses around the castle once a day and rest there. Pamela got that information by investigating Paul for several days.

“I guess that’s Lord Holland and his friend. Isn’t he so handsome?”


Pamela was convinced that the man with brown hair was the count. Eva thought so too. Face doesn’t determine status, but they certainly gave off that impression.

Even if it’s in the distance and barely visible, the shape of the body alone reveals its grace. Broad shoulders, straight legs, and a modest smile that would never be boring to see. She always prayed that Bale Castle would be in good hands and judging from the outside, at least he met her expectations. If his personality was as beautiful as his appearance, even just a bit, he would be qualified to look after the Bale Castle.

“I’m going to stay in Bale Castle this summer. Initially, I wanted to spend my time at Avalon Castle in the north, but I don’t know what kind of wind blew this time. I’ve also left this castle unattended for five years.”

“I see…”

Eva studied him while listening to his answer as if she was bewitched. The count bought the Bale Castle 5 years ago after it lost its owner. Since then, he’s never set foot here; hence this was his first-time visit.

‘What kind of person is he? Why put the previous owner’s crest on his castle?’

It was a different kind of interest than what Pamela had. A pure curiosity of an old homesick owner who once lived in Bale Castle as the only daughter of Count Massies.

“It’s fine either way. Since the count is here now, you’ll likely have to hold a ball or a party. Before, it was your father who showed up, even the nobles never got to see your face.”

Pamela harbored plenty of discontent toward Eva’s father for a long time. The reason was that Count Massies, the landholder, had never held a ball and failed to fulfill his duty to manage the land.

Compared to the other regions, no nobles ever visited Bale Castle during the holiday or hunting season, hence there wasn’t any ball or party. As the daughter of a low rank noble, it was frustrating for Pamela, who fancied the upper-rank world.

“Anyway, let’s go back, Pam. I have a lot of work to do.”

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