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Chapter 12

Translator: Eonnicorn / Editor: Scarlet

The news of Count Holland’s visit put the Baronet household in an uproar. No one expected such an important figure to come to Baronet Biti’s house, who was not part of the peerage.

Because of the lack of hands, Eva was busy all afternoon along with other maids. After changing curtains and cushions, while also sweeping and mopping the house, she was exhausted to the point she had no energy to walk. Eva trudged up to the stairs, thinking of taking a short break in her room. However, as they said, the moment hands don’t have something to bustle, that’s the moment where thoughts get jumbled. Her walk became heavier, mixed with confusion.

The Crown Prince Edward Kane Butterfield.

The name of the Crown Prince who was five years older than Eva. She only met him once when she was very young, but didn’t have many recollections about it. Since then, they had never met in person nor communicated with each other. The only thing left was the title of fiancée.

‘H-however, he’s at the border.’So he couldn’t be the Crown Prince. Right now, he was declared to be standing by on the western border. If he returned, the whole empire would be in commotion and a welcome ceremony would be thrown.

‘I don’t know… I’m not quite sure.’

Cecil’s answer was a fifty-fifty chance. Even though she persuaded herself, her suspicion stowed even more. The Count didn’t say Ruth’s full name. Despite Count Holland having a higher position than him, the way Ruth held his gaze, the charisma, as well as the dignity he emitted felt more natural.

There was another thing. The wounds on his bare body were clearly the traces of battles he had to face countless times and injuries on the battlefield.

But was it only that?

As Eva sighed and opened the door, “Goodness! You startled me,” the unexpected Baronetess in front of the dressing drawer, yelped in surprise and twirled to Eva. “Do you not know how to knock?”

“This is my room. Instead, what are you doing here?” Eva asked, frowning. It was odd that the Baronetess sneaked into Eva’s room and was surprised as if she was caught doing bad things.

“W-what am I doing you asked? I came to find you. I didn’t see the tip of your nose all-day. I didn’t come here because I wanted to!”

“I was inside the house where you could see me clearly this whole time, madam.” Eva held her breath and spoke calmly. She worked all day long, in and out of the drawing-room and the dining room, so it was impossible that she failed to notice her presence. The Baronetess lied. If not, then she wasn’t interested in Eva’s whereabouts because she was too preoccupied dressing up.

“Ahem. Anyway, I want to inform you that you don’t have to attend dinner.”


“It’s a family gathering and they’re the guests we invited. Don’t linger too long because it might bother our guests, just greet them and leave. Do you get it?”

“…Yes. Please tell Pamela to speak o

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