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familiesinzion > Yama Rising > Chapter 727: The Great Sale (1)
be doing so either.”

His gaze softened up slightly, and he turned to the red flag flying high in the sky. In that instant, he felt somewhat… close to them, almost as though they were kindred spirits.

Yin and Yang are but two sides of the same coin… There’s no better way to express such a concept.

It looks like… Hell isn’t a bad place. Perhaps I might even be able to live well after I pass on…

“So, I think it’s for the best that we take a good look at what they plan to show us - Hell’s true might.”

Just then, Zhao Yun thundered, “Welcome to Heaven’s End Pavilion.”

He raised his hand slowly, and a line of words appeared on the screen, almost like subtitles in modern films.

“Sixfold Ghost King, Zhao Zilong.”

Zhao Yun!

The eyes of the old men flickered wildly. They’d heard of his existence before, but seeing it with their own eyes is quite something else.

Everyone turned to the Yin energy measuring instrument - That must be his Yin energy reading, isn’t it? One of the Sixfold Ghost Kings… exactly how powerful is he? How does he measure up against the legendary Yama-Kings of Hell?

This was what they truly desired to see.

Copious amounts of Yin energy were already converging in Zhao Yun’s hands. Lei Jun nodded, and one of the attendants in the room immediately brought over the Yin measuring instrument and explained softly, “This is Divine Might I, the Yin energy measuring instrument with the greatest capacity for measurements we have.”

Lei Jun nodded, and dismissed him summarily. Nobody was in the mood for banal chatter at this point in time. And then, the numbers began to show up.

Back in the image, Zhao Yun waved his hand gently. At once, copious amounts of wood, stone, pillars, desks, glass, carved doors and windows, statues, and other furniture began to pour out of his hand like a powerful tsunami.

“10 million… 15 million… 20 million… 30 million… 40 million?!” The old men around Lei Jun cried out in unison. They hadn’t expected numbers as high as this!

The numbers had shot up way too quickly, breaching the realms of an Abyssal Prefect far too easily. And yet… it wasn’t even showing any signs of slowing down!

Is he a Yama-King?

That… that shouldn’t be unexpected either!

Zhao Yun naturally wasn’t aware of the thoughts in their minds right now. Instead, under the watchful gazes of all Yin spirits around, items and objects continued to pour out of his hand, assembling themselves in the air. The pieces of stones were the ones that first assembled themselves, forming a majestic staircase a thousand meters wide that led hundreds of meters up into the sky. Both sides of the staircase were adorned with carved fences that were exquisite, to say the least.

“Is he… actually going to construct a pavilion in the skies?!” An old lady gasped, “Director Lei… can you do something like that?”

Lei Jun shook his head with a bitter smile, “I’m not at that level yet… Sure, the cultivati

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