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I was returning to my room.

Getting involved in major events, such as just now with Ludwig, seemed to earn me achievement points. Of course, regardless of that, I knew that I could earn some by completing challenges such as ‘Slap the Emperor in the Face’….

But wasn’t that just a bit unfair?

I got 100 points for surviving and overcoming the risk of death, and yet I got 100 points just because Ludwig was getting humiliated in the same place I was at? Wasn’t that completely insane?

Were they telling me that my life was on the same level as Ludwig getting called a dog?

While I was musing over the amount of achievement points earned, no message popped up. I guessed they must have their own rules. Just thinking about that made me feel tired.

Most of the main story took place in Class B and its dormitory or classroom, so Class A could almost be considered a vestige of the main story. That meant, it was mostly filled with things I was unfamiliar with.

When I returned to my room, I filled out the blank name spaces based on the names I heard in the self-introduction.

Class 1-A.

I couldn’t remember all their talents. There were also some people I completely forgot.

1 – Bertus de Gardias (Swordmaster, Villain)

2 – Ellen Artorius (Munchkin)

3 – Marianna de Grantz (Electrokinesis)

4 – Harriet de Saint-Owan (Magic)

5 – Cliffman (Something having to do with close quarter combat.)

6 – Heinrich von Schwarz (Pyrokinesis)

7 – Adelia (Something on the Magic side)

8 – Kono Lint (Teleportation)

9 – Erich de Lafaeri (Lackey 1, somehow will become Paladin?)

10 – Cayer Voiden (Lackey 2, early game villain. Can’t remember more.)

11 – Me

And Class B.

1 – Charlotte de Gardias (Unknown)

2 – Louis Ancton (Smart. Nerd)

3 – Scarlet (Supernatural power, immune to magic.)

4 – Ashir (Divine power… Probably?)

5 – Christina (Alchemy, Enchantment.)

6 – Anna de Gerna (Black magic, not a bad girl.)

7 – Ibia (Telepathy)

8 – Destomolian (Witchcraft, Supernatural power, savage bastard.)

9 – Delphine Izadra (Archery)

10 – Lanian Sessor (Music)

11 – Ludwig (Stamina, munchkin pretending to be weak, main character)

Although I didn’t have any detailed knowledge about a lot of the talents, I was roughly able to sort things out, as hearing their names kind of made me remember some things.

Who I had to remember weren’t the original main characters anyway. Most of the people I would run into were the Class A kids.

Anyway, unlike in the original, Charlotte and I were added, so there were 22 students.

Among them I had not a single clue what talent Charlotte had. What kind of talent would she have? Don’t tell me it’s the same as Bertus’? Since they were family, there was a good chance that they might have the same talents.

However, now wasn’t the time to deal with Charlotte.

I got 100 points for escaping the Demon King’s Castle.

Then I earned 100

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