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familiesinzion > History’s Strongest Senior Brother > Volume N/A - CH 1532
Watching Yan Zhaoge escape from the constraints of the mundane world, with the semblance of a Fallen Deity returning to the Nine Heavens, Qu Su, Wang Guan, and the Percussion Heavenly Lord frowned.

“This sword art…”

While these Grand Heavenly Realm experts were paying attention to Yan Zhaoge’s Fallen Deity Sword rather than the might it imposed, they pondered more about its influence.

The Fallen Deity Sword might be strong, but Yan Zhaoge was currently a Profound Immortal. He couldn’t possibly force them, who were beings in the Grand Heavenly Realm, into the descent.

He could only escape from the Sword Buddha’s Human Realm due to the Sword Buddha’s current unique condition. To a certain extent, the Sword Buddha’s Grand Heavenly Realm marvelousness was lost, while the Fallen Deity Sword countered the intricacies of the Sword Buddha’s Human Realm.

This only allowed Yan Zhaoge to escape the confinement of the Human Realm. In the end, he couldn’t even harm the Sword Buddha.

Yan Zhaoge knew this better than anyone else.

As such, his goal had never been Qu Su, Wang Guan, or the others.

The sword-lights came roving down, heading toward the Jade Cauldron cadaver, which no one paid attention to!

Before his passing, the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deity was one of the strongest sword cultivators in Daoism. He could even be coined as that throughout history.

No matter if it was the Sword Buddha, Qu Su, or the others, they could tell that the Jade Clear bigwig of yore had already perished. Even his cadaver never left behind anything noteworthy.

The Sword Buddha was sealed by the Jade Cauldron cadaver and the Immortal Trapping Sword because of Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian’s blood ritual.

While the Jade Cauldron’s cadaver seemed to secretly contain its marvelousness, Qu Su, Wang Guan, and the others did not need to pay special attention to it. Its importance and threat were far inferior compared to the Immortal Trapping Sword.

They were also watching out for Yan Zhaoge and the other’s actions, in case they intended on conducting another blood ritual.

However, Yan Zhaoge using the Fallen Deity Sword to slash toward the Jade Cauldron cadaver exceeded their expectations.

The Percussion Heavenly Lord’s palm strike seemed to be targeting Yan Zhaoge and the others. However, deep down, he intended to attack the Sword Buddha and Qu Su as well.

His palm force converged and shot viciously toward Yan Zhaoge and the Jade Cauldron cadaver, which he never paid attention to previously.

Previously, he only intended to reap the benefits aside and intended to deal with Qu Su, the Sword Buddha, and Yan Zhaoge’s group together. Now, he gave up on that idea ultimately. Instead, he decided to deal with the matters that exceeded his expectations and control any variables beyond his control.

With the Percussion Heavenly Lord’s attack, the deafening sounds of drums resounded, causing horrifying mountainous pressure

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