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Note: ****edit from 2nd ch. Elder sister named Ling Xue 13 years old but currently she was training with her grand mother, Kings mother***

At first, Long Tian was considered as the King's apple of the eye. This was because his mother was from a cultivation clan at one of the greatest sects in their vicinity. In fact, it was only due to this that the king even married Long Tian's mother. He thought it might get him some support from the sect. Atleast his kids with Concubine Lin can get into the sect.

Concubine Lin was eldest daughter with a young brother and youngest sister. Concubine Lin was once a genious but her beauty was her bane as she offended son of a mighty cultivator. Concubine Lin's cultivation was sealed. She wont be able to breakthrough no matter what. Her cultivation was'nt crippled to let her live a long regrettable life. She was expelled from the clan but her clan felt guilty for her and her on her mothers insistance. They married her to a mortal kingdom. In the eyes of these sect mortal kindoms are nothing but a inferior exsistance. But even that was frowned upon by that young master So, to attone for their sins her sister was given to him as Concubine.

Concubine Lin's first born was a girl and had above average talent and so was send to Kings Mother for nurturing. But with time many things changed and this was the start of the greatest change in Long Tian's life. When Long Tian went through his talent testing and his talent was revealed as trash. When Long Tian's Grandpa heard about his talent, he felt very disappointed. The king stop paying them attention but was still polite because of her backing.

Once kingdom was in trouble and asked for help. But Long Tian's uncle who was jelous of his elder sister. Who always stoped him from having fun and keep him in line intercepted the envoy. He loved his younger sister dearly. So, he denied the help and told them she has nothing to do with the sect anymore. As the king found out he completely gave up on them. Even start ignoring them because of his dissappointment.

Soon fewer people started caring about Long Tian, and more people started bullying him to take everything away from him. All those who behaved as his friends turned into strangers in the blink of an eye. Facing such conditions Long Tian could only go through life while changing who he was and understanding how cruel life was.

This was when Long Tian understood the importance of strength, and felt a craving to grow stronger regardless of what he had to do. However, due to how bad his talent was he was given almost no resources to cultivate at all. It was thanks to concubine Lins savings that Long Tian had ever entered the Body Tempering Realm, much less go as far as he did.

Since he couldn't do anything and had no one to support him, Long Tian made a decision to just lay low. However, this didn't mean that the others would forget about him. Clenching his fingers hard as he once again remembered hi

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