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Ling Tian realized this was the best place for him as n.o.body dare come to this part of harem palace as it was considered inauspicious. Ling Tian quickly realized that first and foremost he has to stabilize his situation. He came up with many plans using his cunningness from his past life. But he quickly realize they were running out of funds. His mother spend a lot of her savings to increase his const.i.tution. They were far from poor but also far from point where money becomes power. Ling Tian was from earth and knew the value of money. He was an MBA and good business man. He realize that his a.s.sets were far from enough, if he want to do implement any of his plans.

In this world might was right so people was mostly straight forward. If you p.i.s.sed me off I will kick your a.s.s. No evidence needed. Common eunuch was at the bottem of the ladder and n.o.body cared even if you kill them. But Ling Tian know the importance of n.o.bodies who n.o.body cared about. He start bribing common eunuch and maids. They were also grateful. Despite knowing prince was out of favor a skinny camel was still taller than horse. Pretty soon he had a good network going on. He mobilized them to do some petty tasks like buying stuff under the radar. Nothing that they feel endangered them as he know they were far from loyal yet.

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First he wanted to make fire arms. But after playing with sulfur and other flammable powders and burning his eyebrows he was forbidden from buying anything flammable. Even his night lamps where changed to luminous pearls which put more pressure on concubine lins slim purse. Also once he recovered from Burns he received his first spanking.

After that he made electric fan. He thought it would work but than he did'nt know how to make a battery and eunuch refused to buy chemicals he described. Finally he tried to make electricity with generator but fan didn't move and was electrocuted for his efforts and end up in bed again a spanking followed.

He still didn't gave up and took a page from his favorite book "A man from tang dynasty". He tried to make maxi-pad. This time he wasn't hurt but......Concubine Lin spanked him so hard he was in bed for a week, women were just not progressive in this place ling tian cursed while resting . He tried to make perfume but destroyed his mothers favorite dress yup spanked again. He started to doubt if he was not a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t. After careful consideration he realized his 10 year old brain was f.u.c.king with his 40 years old intellect. He was not a f.u.c.king MIT engineer. Those transmigration dramas was f.u.c.king with readers. Who in the f.u.c.k in modern society normally knows how to make gun powder unless you are working in the field. Even if you know how to use a gun most people will not know how the bullets are made.He was an MBA and good business man. He should cash on that.

When he

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