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Waiting Upon You - Chapter 5 Act 12


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Act 12: Pet…

Feng Hao had his back to the camera, blocking his actions from view, making it more fascinating for the audience.

"Open your mouth," Feng Hao ordered curtly.

Ling Lang's face was filled with unwillingness, but he was in no position to refuse.

Viewing the scene from behind, Ling Lang seemed to want to back out right at the moment when Feng Hao was about to enter, but Feng Hao had already seen through his plans.

"Bite me then," said Feng Hao, causing Ling Lang to flinch in surprise, freezing as he realized that his intentions were seen through. He continued, "I'll throw you out of here if you dare.  

"If I can save you from the hands of those people, then I can send you back there, but they won't treat you as nicely as I do."

"Don't you want to get out of here?" Ling Lang leaned back, turning towards the camera.

"It seems you still haven't understood your situation." Feng Hao leaned over and gripped his chin. "Do you really think you can escape on your own? I can't even guarantee if you will survive the day. With just a single word from me, that pack of hungry wolves out there can f.u.c.k you to death."

Ling Lang couldn't refute him, gazing at him with resentment.

"You have two choices: first, you get f.u.c.ked by me, then you can take me out." He released his grip. "Second, you can just stay here so I can f.u.c.k you for the rest of your life."

Feng Hao straightened his posture and looked down condescendingly on the kneeling Ling Lang. His magnetic voice was hard to defy. "Now, lick me, and do it properly."

"Who wrote this script?" the a.s.sistant asked the manager in a whisper.

"I heard that it was a scriptwriter surnamed Yi, but they didn't dare to sign their name."

The scene was giving the a.s.sistant both a headache and a heartache. "This is too obscene, it's hard to watch."

"Ling Lang has never taken on these types of films in the past, this is quite the turnaround," she added.

The manager was actually just as perplexed as her. Mr. Mo had never allowed Ling Lang to take on such a role before, and now he had actually sent someone to bring this kind of script over. His actions really were too unpredictable.

As for that Feng Hao…… While the manager watched the scene upstairs with worry, he recalled the scene from that morning and couldn't help but knit his brows.

As soon as the scene switched around, Ling Lang was already being pressed down on the bed inside of the cell by Feng Hao, and the two were already close to being nude. Ling Lang was still unwilling in the end and wanted to struggle, but Feng Hao quickly showed him with his actions that resistance was futile.

This was his first time exposing his own body in front of the camera and he was even sticking so close to another man. The only thing Ling Lang cou

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