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Waiting Upon You - Chapter 4 Act 10


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Act 10: Confession…

"Senior, how long do you plan on standing there?" Feng Hao sat cozily by the bed, and in a delighted mood he watched Ling Lang who stood afar by the door.

Since his entry through the door, Ling Lang had already been standing in the same spot for five minutes. Under Feng Hao's watchful gaze, he couldn't bring himself to take even a single step forward.

"I don't mind if senior wishes to stand there for an entire night, but I'm afraid that senior may not have enough energy for the shoot tomorrow."

Ling Lang struggled to move his feet, One step, then another…… He'd only taken a few steps, but it felt as if he'd been walking for an entire century.

Feng Hao watched in satisfaction as Ling Lang stood in front of him, waiting quietly for him to speak.

"Give me back the key," Ling Lang's voice clearly showed his lack of spirit.

Feng Hao continued to watch him without a word.

"Give me back the key," His voice was raised slightly.

"So this is what comes of senior's long, thoughtful consideration?" Feng Hao shook his finger, "Senior, you have to make a clear consideration, is this an order? Or a plea? To give you back the key, or, to please give you back the key, it may only be a difference of one word, but the produced result is completely different."

"What on earth do you want?" Yelled Ling Lang, unable to resist.

Feng Hao opened his hand, and what sat on his palm was none other than Ling Lang's key.

When Ling Lang saw the key, he instinctively reached his hand out to s.n.a.t.c.h it, but Feng Hao instead caught his wrist. Feng Hao was seemingly stronger than him, so for a moment, Ling Lang was unable to move his hand in the slightest.

Feng Hao rushed towards Ling Lang and revealed a dazzling smile, but a fleeting one. In the very next moment, Ling Lang was dragged over to the washroom by Feng Hao, and with wide eyes, he watched as Feng Hao threw what he held in his hand into the toilet at lightning speed and pressed the flush b.u.t.ton.

"No!!" Ling Lang screamed as he struggled with Feng Hao's grip and quickly rushed over, but the figure of the key was nowhere to be found.

"You!"Ling Lang angrily looked back, but all he saw was Feng Hao opening his right hand slowly, and the key lay there, intact, in the center of his palm.

Ling Lang, as if suddenly feeling defeated, staggered a step back.

"Now," Feng Hao's voice rang up leisurely, "Senior, have you thought it through?"

Feng Hao returned to the seat he was originally resting on, with Ling Lang standing in front of him as before. Feng Hao did not speak, and even after a long time pa.s.sed, he still remained silent.

This silence continued for a good length of time when Feng Hao suddenly laughed, the laugh did not make much noise, but it was like a large bomb had been set off in

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