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Waiting Upon You - Chapter 7 Act 17


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Act 17, Faith…

After hearing Ling Lang's decision, everyone had a different look on their faces: Feng Hao was delighted, the manager accepted it, the secretary's eyes were bright, Feng Hao's agent was surprised, while Ling Lang's agent was in disbelief.

“Okay then, we'll go with that,” Before the agent could even say anything, the manager had already made his decision, “We will settle with that on this matter between the two of them.”

“Externally, we will not admit, clarify, respond, or publicize. If the media asks, we'll just throw them a curveball, and when needed, we'll give the paparazzi a little treat now and then. After the movie is released, you'll have to keep up with the ambiguous air between the two of you to keep the audience hanging.”

“Do not show excessive intimate contact between the two of you on the surface, but you somehow have to create the illusion that the two of you are intimate in public……Though I do not know if that would actually be an act or not.”

“When you are interviewed, you can pretend to reveal a little about the other party's private affairs, and of course, it has to be something good. You can try to play cover up while the two of you are travelling together, and on platforms frequented by the younger group such as Weibo, you can entice them with a little intimacy when appropriate.”

The manager's series of careful planning made Ling Lang suspect that the company had already made preparations early on. They had not intended to take his opinions into consideration at all.

“I don't have a Weibo account,” he responded.

“You do. Your fans are already in the tens of millions, though two-thirds of them are just silent followers,” The agent responded with displeasure, “Your stupid a.s.sistant has been imitating your way of speech and dealing with that.”

“Did that account follow anyone?” The manager asked.

“Not a single person,” The secretary responded for him, “It does look like something Ling Lang would do. I follow that account as well, she is really quite good at imitating him.”

“That's good, tell her to follow Feng Hao's account later when she's back.”

Feng Hao smiled cheerfully, “Senior, I'm about to be the only one you follow.”

Ling Lang's face was expressionless, “Congratulations on gaining another silent follower.”

The manager, still worried, once again turned to Ling Lang, “The company is not in the position to meddle in an actor's private life. You've been outside of our system prior to this, and have always been very independent, so you're already used to doing as you please. But this incident affects your acting career, so it is of great importance. I hope that you can treat it with importance and avoid acting rashly. Please discuss with the company first before making any decisions.”

Then, he turned again to Feng Hao, “E

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