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Waiting Upon You - Chapter 3 Act 7


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Act 7: Cat out of the bag

The reporters had been fired up ever since Feng Hao appeared on the scene. After all, this was the first guy ever involved with the King of the Silver Screen in a scandal in ten years. Just a few blurry pictures and a baseless report was enough for the media to stir a ruckus for half a month. Finally, both parties involved did not respond and eventually, it came to an end.

Such big news had just cooled down for a couple of days and yet both of them would actually be starring as opponents in another show once more. Senior's "unspoken rules" with a junior, the fantasies couldn't be more stirring.

The reporters still had some reservations towards Ling Lang, they did not dare to ask too explicitly, but towards Feng Hao, there were no restrictions. At that moment, a non-stop barrage of uninhibited personal questions were hurled at Feng Hao. At first, the host dismissed a few sentences, later however, it became more and more difficult to control the whole situation.

The manager below the stage ground his teeth, on the contrary, the a.s.sistant scrolled through weibo with a calm face.

"What kind of connections does Feng Hao have? He gets subst.i.tuted in every time, a professional pander with over thirty years of experience… he's really not afraid that it would backfire," the manager said angrily, being in the entertainment industry for so many years, if he couldn't tell that Feng Hao's background wasn't simple then he was an idiot. Knowing that person was not someone he was able to offend now, he could only use his mouth to grumble about it.

"Ah, it's here." the a.s.sistant found what she was looking for, "Actor Wu Guan Feng accidentally fell from a horse and injured himself during filming, it caused a small fracture on the left knee, the doctor advised to stay in bed for a month and recuperate."

"That time he fell from the wire, this time he fell off a the horse– could it be that the earth's gravitational force was rigged by him?" the a.s.sistant kept her phone, "Now you know that Feng Hao isn't using Ling Lang for the hype?"

The manager kept quiet, what the a.s.sistant said was right–he was unable to refute it–judging from Feng Hao's backing, he would be successful even without the help of Ling Lang's seniority.

"Ling Lang is already thirty-two. He has never dated anyone until now, don't you think that you are being a little too controlling?"

The manager's eyes darkened, however, his thoughts were unreadable.

The a.s.sistant sighed. To smooth the manager's raised hackles, she earnestly said, "A daughter has to marry when they reached a marriageable age, the father has to learn to let go."

The manager turned his head and glared, "Even if I'm the father, I'll be the father on the husband side, whose side are

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