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Waiting Upon You - Chapter 2 Act 5


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Act 5, Magic

The movie was a nationwide box office hit. There all sorts of announcements followed. Ling Lang had always disliked attending any kind of promotional activities, but there will always be that one or two promotional activity that can't be rejected. When it came to times like these, he would silently stand aside like a piece of stage equipment – luckily, the media had long been accustomed to it.

At the broadcasting studio, Ling Lang sat in the corner of the three-person sofa, leaning against the side. Feng Hao sat in the center seat next to him, and the other side was empty. The lack of distance between them counts as having invaded into Ling Lang's personal s.p.a.ce. He didn't understand what the other party was even thinking. As a professional actor, he clearly knew that sitting like this would display an imbalance on the television screen, but it was as if Feng Hao did not know about this; even the director of the program did not correct him.

After a short phase of routine questions, a montage of exciting highlights from the movie started being broadcasted on the big screen. Naturally, the first interaction between the both of them was included as well.

Ling Lang was once again forced to review that particular scene that made him lose control. Although that initial impulse was no longer there, his thoughts still inevitably wandered off elsewhere. Thereafter, Feng Hao and the host talked about things, while he didn't speak a word until Feng Hao spoke into his ear.

"Senior, Senior?"

Ling Lang recollected himself to find that Feng Hao's face appeared before him out of the fantasies he was just having. He had unexpectedly allowed his imagination to run wild, completely forgetting that this would be broadcasted on tv.

Feng Hao, seeing him looking like he had just been woken up from a reverie, couldn't help but find it funny. "Senior, it seems that you can s.p.a.ce out even when recording a program."

Ling Lang covered his awkwardness with a small cough, s.h.i.+fted his body and asked him, "Which section are we recording now?"

Feng Hao revealed a helpless expression, "Senior, you really did not partic.i.p.ate at all."

"I remember that after the interview ended, there was nothing that had much to do with me."

"Next is my turn to showcase my talent. Can I be so bold as to request Senior to a.s.sist me?"

Ling Lang frowned. This isn't a variety show. Why is there a need to showcase their talent?

"Why did I not know about this segment before?"

"This plan was decided and added in at the last minute."

"What do you want me to do to a.s.sist you?

The program director notified them to get ready. Feng Hao did not have time to explain. He faced the camera and arranged his sitting position, slightly inclining his head

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