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Waiting Upon You - Chapter 2 Act 6


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Act 6, Scandal…

After hearing that, Feng Hao thought of turning back to take a look, but was stopped by Ling Lang.

"Don't turn back," he said.

Immediately Feng Hao understood; he looked at what was behind them through the rearview mirror, and sure enough he saw a car closely following them.

"You deserve to be called Senior, you've such a high vigilance," Even at times like these Feng Hao still did not forget to throw in a few praises.

"In another six months, your vigilance will be just as high." While Ling Lang was talking, the speed of the car didn't slow down, instead it became faster. As they neared a remote alley, they turned into it without any warning. Just when Feng Hao was sighing emotionally that everyone who becomes a famous celebrity will also become a car racing master, he discovered the paparazzi behind them was also not to be trifled with; he was actually able to keep up.

Ling Lang drove while speeding all the way. Feng Hao noticed the scenery along the way becoming more and more familiar, and discovered that this was the direction towards Ling Lang's house.

Suddenly he understood Ling Lang's intentions; after such a long time the reason the paparazzi never found out Ling Lang's real address was because, he had a high end residential area as a s.h.i.+eld, all the cars coming in must be verified with the owner's confirmation before being able to enter.

As expected Ling Lang brought Feng Hao to the entrance of the housing district. The guard saw Ling Lang's car, opened the gates and let them enter. It blocked the paparazzi’s car outside of the compound.

It was a widespread belief by the media that this was Ling Lang's 'residence', when in fact Ling Lang didn't live here. The speed of the car slowed down after he entered the district; he drove straight to the underground car park, and drove out from another exit – the side exit – after a short period of time.

Once again they were back driving on the main road. There was no longer even a shadow following them. Feng Hao turned his head and openly looked: "Actually the area that I stay at is also a gated residential compound, he will not be able to enter."

"In that case the media will know where you stay," after Ling Lang finished speaking, he was momentarily stunned; what has Feng Hao's address being exposed got to do with him? Not to mention that it's perfectly normal for two guys to travel in the same car, just what went wrong with his brain that he would do such a conspicuous action.

Feng Hao didn't seem like he considered that much, "The poor paparazzi will have to wait outside that compound for quite some time."

Ling Lang held his forehead, he could already foresee the headlines for tomorrow's newspaper – maybe blacklisting and blocking his manager's phone

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