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Chapter 1694: He Took Her Away

The man standing behind Xiao Ying was wearing a dark colored shirt and pants, a pair of sunglasses, and a hat on his head.

Half of his face was covered, only revealing his pursed lips and sharp jaw.

Xiao Ying immediately recognized who it was.

But before she could react, the man behind her suddenly strode forward and covered her lips with his large palm.

There was a handkerchief in his palm.

Xiao Ying’s eyelids slowly became heavy.

The man looked at the woman who had fallen into his arms. He lifted her onto his shoulders and strode away.

Xiao Ying woke up from the cold touch.

She opened her eyes and found herself lying on a large Chinese-style bed.

A man was sitting by the bed, a sharp fruit knife in his hand.

The back of the knife was slowly moving across her face. The cold touch was like the tongue of a poisonous snake.

Xiao Ying met the man’s cold eyes and furrowed her eyebrows. “Long Di.”

When the man heard her call out his name, he let out a low and cold laugh. “Ha, it’s rare for a beauty to still remember me.” The knife in Long Di’s hand cut the part of Xiao Ying’s face that had been repaired. He could not help but smack his lips. “Beauty is getting more and more charming. This skin is no different from a peeled egg.”

Xiao Ying looked at Long Di and said nothing.

Long Ming took the fruit knife and patted her face. “If I cut your face, what do you think Long Ming will do?”

Xiao Ying’s expression changed and there was a coldness in her eyes. “Don’t mention that asshole man. He hurt me again and again. I have nothing to do with him anymore.”

The moment Xiao Ying finished speaking, Long Di threw the fruit knife away and slapped her beautiful face.

Xiao Ying’s ears were ringing from the slap and her lips were broken, blood gushing out.

Long Di grabbed Xiao Ying’s hair and pulled her up from the bed.

He dragged her to the bathroom.

“You’re still putting on an act in front of me? Back then, when you stole my confidential documents for him, you also looked like you hated him to the core. But you were willing to risk your life for him. Ha, do you think I’ll fall for your tricks?”

Xiao Ying did not say much, only saying a few words. “It’s up to you to believe it or not.”

Long Di pressed Xiao Ying’s head into the bathtub.

Xiao Ying did not struggle or resist, letting her lips and nose sink into the water, unable to breathe.

Her hands grabbed the edge of the bathtub tightly. If the veins on the back of her hands had not popped out, Long Di would have thought that she did not feel any pain at all.

This woman’s perseverance was beyond anyone’s imagination.

Long Di’s family had been ruined by her and he hated her to the core. Naturally, he would not hold back. When she was about to suffocate again, he made her take two more breaths. However, he did not give her any more time to breathe and pressed her down agai

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