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Chapter 15: First Of All (2)

T/L: Sial Joans E/D:larkspur

In this world, she was really fierce. In class, against her teachers, after class, against her classmates, no one could make her give in. Her most recent deed was to push the head teacher’s son to the ground.

Now at noon, she came back for lunch. The headteacher asked her to inform her guardians to go to school in the afternoon. But she didn’t dare let the Head know, hesitating at the orphanage’s gate.

The picture should have been simple and pure.

She took a step back at the orphanage gate, but in that world, she took a step forward in the courtyard.

As soon as she entered, fifth grader Lin Zhao Xi was replaced by 22-year-old Lin Zhao Xi.

Now, fifth-grader Lin Zhao Xi was neither eccentric out of lack of love, nor anxious and miserable, afraid of the Head’s reproach.

But another emotion poured in.

She looked up and could only see the sky through the eaves.

Old man Lin, where are you?

Without me, would your life be a mess*?

(*Old man Lin gave up his studies to raise her.)

Lin Zhao Xi thought for a while.

Finally, she patted her rear and stood up from the orphanage gate. Well, she was here. And she had to try to find Old man Lin.

Out of the alley, the city spread out.

At that time, An Ning City hadn’t yet experienced large-scale construction.

The buildings were small and short, the shops were crowded. Roast chicken, noodles, and clothing stores… Waiters in aprons went back and forth, an old man dusted the shelves. Although it was far less beautiful than in later time, it was inexplicably cozy.

Lin Zhao Xi walked on the road, looking around.

After living in An Ning City for so many years, of course, she’d heard of the Red Star Orphanage, but she had only a general idea of where it was.

There was a familiar fragrance in the air. She walked a few steps and saw a grilled squid stand. Thanks to this, her vague memories started to get clearer.

Ah, the Red Star Orphanage wasn’t far from where she and Old Lin used to live. She didn’t have to cross the city on foot.

The grilled squid stall hung a large banner, on it “Chen Da Yan.” Later, An Ning TV station made a food program and called shopkeeper Chen the ‘God of Squids.’

In those days, however, the reward for washing dishes was generally 10 cents, so five yuan for 3 sticks of grilled squid wasn’t cheap.

The stall was surrounded by students, Lin Zhao Xi huddled inside to watch.

One of the children probably came for the first time, holding his grandmother’s hand.

The stall owner asked them ‘what sauce’, and the grandmother unhesitantly said ‘no sauce, children cannot eat spicy food.’

Lin Zhao Xi looked at the three cups of sauce that were later praised by the media, pulled the child’s clothes, and whispered, “Sweet chili sauce is delicious, you should try it.”

The grandmother glared at her, took the squid, the child’s hand and left.

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