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Chapter 14: First Of All (1)

T/L: Sial Joans E/D:larkspur


If Lin Zhao Xi learned in advance that she would encounter such a strange and absurd thing when she took this step…

Before that, she’d definitely learn the lottery prize number by heart.

But she didn’t. After all, no one knew they were going to transmigrate before they did.

Yes, according to widespread online fiction, after writing the equation, she returned to the age of 12.

(River Bank: don’t try this at home kids.)

She stayed as she was; writing on the wall with chalk in her hand.

But the wall in front of her wasn’t the same, the gate wasn’t the same, even the wild cat by the side of the road wasn’t the same.

Her surroundings had undergone earth-shaking changes.

Lin Zhao Xi took a step back, attentively watching her short, dark and fat arms.

“Goddamn.” She cursed, stared into the wall, and became silent.

It was a red brick wall. There was a huge iron gate on the right.

And in the upper left was an old rusty copper plate.

‘An Ning City’s Hope Project Funding Unit.’

She didn’t know what happened. She slowly moved her eyes to the left, seeing more plates.

Yellow, white, new and old.

Some read ‘so-and-so University’s Social practice Base’, others, ‘Heart-to-heart help pilot Unit.’

The last plate was the largest, in black and white, with the words “An Ning’s Red Star Orphanage” written on it.

It was odd, though, it was nothing after returning to the past – at that moment, she clearly realized she was still her, but that she’d returned to 5th grade.

As if someone poked between her eyebrows, information gathered, becoming part of her consciousness itself, and she accepted it all naturally.

She even knew that the orphanage behind the iron gate was called Red Star, where she’d lived for twelve years.

She was abandoned here from an early age, parentless and eccentric. Fortunately, she studied well. The Head of the orphanage liked her and sent her to an ordinary primary school.

Although her life was completely different, she was still Lin Zhao Xi.

Only this time, she not only had no mother, but also no father.

All of a sudden, she changed so much that even with an adult mind, she still experienced powerlessness and confusion that she had never had before.

Her legs faltered and her heart beat so violently, she couldn’t help sitting down on the steps at the entrance of the orphanage.

After sitting and calming down, something flashed through her mind and she was finally able to find a sentence she’d heard to describe the present situation.

— Every thought and choice makes a different universe.

It’s like standing in a bakery, struggling; strawberry shortcake or cheesecake?

Once she lived in a strawberry-flavored world, but now, obviously, the world she was in was cheesy.

God knew which one went wrong. In the cheesy world, she and Old Lin had never been father and daught

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