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Chapter 26: Master (1)

Time seemed to stretch. Like a frozen image, it was suddenly still, and all the more vivid.

Under the camphor trees, everyone looked back. Beneath the black head of hair, Lin Zhao Xi saw a pair of eyes.

They belonged to a boy. The dark eyes, under long eyelashes, were clear as water, but hard to see through. Because of his languidly drooping eyelids, he seemed to have no interest in anything in the world.

In spite of that, the boy didn’t leave.

He stood at the edge of the crowd, with one hand in his pocket, the morning sun shining on his face.

Of course, there were a lot of memories influencing that description. But that’s what Lin Zhao Xi saw.

Something Old Lin had said suddenly came to mind.

Everything in the world can happen to anyone. It’s no big deal.

Yeah, she’s not even Old Lin’s daughter anymore, so it’s no big deal to see Pei Zhi again.

The king of mental arithmetic looked at Pei Zhi, his voice full of hostility. “Are primary school students these days all so undisciplined? You shouldn’t interrupt an adult while he’s talking.”

Chibi Pei Zhi did not speak, just looked at him, his eyes calm and indifferent, but the king of mental arithmetic froze.

Even Lin Zhao Xi’s heart thumped. There are people who are born very good at playing games, Pei Zhi is probably such a person. When he was 12 years old, and even more so at 22.

Pei Zhi said, “To be fair, shouldn’t we switch?”

“Switch what?” Asked the king of mental arithmetic.

“I’ll ask the question, and you answer.”

The mental arithmetic king’s face twisted even further, neither agreeing nor retreating.

Pei Zhi didn’t wait, “1.234 × 7.890 + 973.260 – 518 + 3.144 – 1.071.246 equals?”

He asked, then stayed still. The sun fell from the cracks in the leaves onto his face and shoulders.

There was an uncomfortable silence in the park. The students calmly looked at the pale adult, while the crowd’s balance slowly tilted.

The king of mental arithmetic couldn’t go on like this. “Who told you to play like this? Did I say you answered correctly?”

“I can’t be wrong.” Pei Zhi absentmindedly said, lifting the slanted satchel on his back and smiling faintly, with a hint of satire.

“You used a calculator, that’s cheating!”

“It was so simple, I didn’t need it.” Pei Zhi’s voice came from afar through the crowd.

The king of mental arithmetic was so angry, he was about to chase Pei Zhi, but Lin Zhao Xi stepped forward right in front of him.

At the same time, a shrill voice, speaking through a loudspeaker, came from outside of the crowd. “Who allowed you to set up a stall in the park?!”

Frightened, the king of mental arithmetic turned and ran. Lin Zhao Xi happened to be in the way. All she saw before being pushed to the ground was a tall figure running into her, and she fell to the ground with great force.

The sky and earth were spinning. In the blink of an eye, several pairs of black

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