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“Um, so… you are saying that it has been around six days since the lord left with the warriors, Lady Kara.”

“That is correct. But you don’t need to call me with that title. I am too old to be called that.”

Kara spoke with a soft smile, but Killian shook his head with a determined expression.

“No. Old or young, a lady is a lady. In particular, it would be unbefitting of a knight to not call such a beautiful person a lady. It would rob me of my knighthood. In fact, it would be a sin against the world.”

“Is that so?”

Killian spoke with a fiery determination, and Kara tilted her head in response. Unlike the calm, cool Duke Pendragon, his knight was overflowing with enthusiasm. In particular, the knight’s eyes seemed to blaze even hotter when he was looking at herself. She wasn’t completely sure because she had arrived at the Great Forest at a young age, but Kara could guess the feelings contained within the eyes of the knight.

It was a little similar to the eyes of the human knights or nobles she met in the occasional human village when she wandered the world with other elves in the past.

‘Just because the lord does not possess any greed, it does not necessarily flow down to his subordinates.’

Kara felt a little bitter as she replied.

“Anyways, I am glad that the friends of Duke Pendragon have come all this way. It must have been quite a tiring journey, so please stay and relax.”

If the human knight established a good relationship with one of the female elves of Red Moon Valley, it would help in maintaining a good relationship with the Pendragon Duchy. Even now, Killian’s smile did not falter even once as his gaze constantly flitted between the female elves. Kara had no doubt that he would gladly accept the offer.

“Huh? What do you mean by that?”

Killian asked back with slight surprise. Kara was also startled by the unexpected response.

“Including Sir Killian, everyone must have had a hard time journeying through the Great Forest. Why don’t you take a few days off and stay in the village?”

Killian shook his head firmly at Kara’s invitation.

“I am grateful for the invitation, but I am afraid I must decline. The lord is still going through hardships on his journey, so how could I relax and rest easy and still call myself his knight? It would be an even greater sin than not calling your beautiful self a lady.”

Kara was briefly at a loss for words when Killian declared boldly with a stern, determined expression. His foolish grin had completely disappeared.

But soon, a gentle smile appeared on her face once more. It was the softest smile she made since meeting the members of the Pendragon Duchy.

“If that is your will, Sir Killian, please do as you wish.”

“Just seeing your beautiful smile softens my heart, my lady. Hoohoo!”

Killian smiled with sizzling eyes, and Kara returned the smile. It seemed like an inevitable characteristic of the knight to like females.

“Stop talki

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