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familiesinzion > A Wish to Grab Happiness > Volume 7 - CH 175
Chapter 175: What this Body carries

I felt a strange numbness in the depths of my head. My heartbeats increased a lot, but the sound that echoed throughout my body seemed to be far away from my perception. I felt as if the physical sensation itself was somehow separated from my mind.

「Because that beast was sent by God. It’s impossible for humans to win. It’s a waste of effort to try to win against that beast. All you have to do is pray and ask for salvation from God.」

Ridiculous words flowed out of Ariene’s mouth. These words went inside my ears surprisingly smoothly and pierced my chest. I could feel my heart ringing many times over, but for some reason, I felt as if these strong palpitations were very far away.

Ariene’s words. They may be true. Yes, those words spoke the truth, no doubt about it.

After all, the monster, a beast made of flesh, was clearly different from other creatures. We humans made exceptions in our beliefs when it came to the work of God. And even if it were said to be the devil’s malice itself, then we would have no choice but to believe in it. After all, it was true that that monster was not something natural.

The wind shook her golden hair and it crossed the edge of my field of vision for a moment.

「Lugis. I knew you were coming here. Yes, I knew everything…I led you here because I gave you a path to follow. Then, I waited here until you came.」

That voice went through my ears. My skin and fingertips, no, my whole body felt terribly cold. All the exhaled and inhaled breaths took the heat away from my body. Each time, the inside of my skull became a little whiter. Whiter and whiter. I tried to think, yes, think and think until I had no more thoughts.

Only Ariene’s words conveyed some warmth.

「Look closely, Lugis. Even the ones you admire and respect as heroes have no choice but to roll obediently in the hands of God. You can never go against God.」

I could see Caria’s silver sword sparkling under my eyes. However, no matter how much the silver sword cut through the flesh and spilled blood, the rotten meat of that monster expanded again in a blink of an eye, closing the wound. It felt like it were ridiculing Caria, who continued to move her body hard while shaking her silver hair.

「Men call this the path that God has drawn. We can never go against our fate. That’s right, both heroes and brave people…So, if you’re just an ordinary person, Lugis, then much less of a chance you have at drawing your fate.」

My body felt terribly cold, as if it had become ice itself. Not only that. Even the innermost part of my viscera seemed to have lost all its heat. It was cold. Everything inside me froze as if I were almost dead. A cold feeling, which I’ve never felt in my whole life.

My back teeth made a clicking sound and my lips became dry. I breathed fast without stopping. However, my breath was so thin that I couldn’t believe it as my own.

“Listen, Lugis…” She continued to spea

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