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Legend Chapter 382

Even though it was summer, the sky was still dark by 8pm. Labyrinth City Exil was covered by such darkness. Places like bars and brothels were still lit up by magic items though, probably because, like Gilm, there were many adventurers within the city.

However, as Exil had an overwhelmingly larger population compared to Gilm, it was lit up by proportionally more magic items.

The entrance to Exil’s dungeon was at it’s centre. Four large mansions were located in the north, south, east and west of the city.

Those mansions were the homes of the descendants of the adventurer party that had first discovered Exil’s dungeon as well as the people who governed of Exil, which operated as a sort of autonomous city state.

However, the mansion to the south of Exil belonged to a house that had already fallen and was in considerable disrepair.

Since Exil’s main gate was located in the northeast, this decreased the number of visitors to the mansion was even more.

Although it was small compared to the mansions of aristocratic families, it was still decently sized and could be considered a large mansion to ordinary people. Many merchants and other people had tried to buy it before, but it wasn’t something that could be sold freely due to it’s historical value to Exil as a labyrinth city, causing it to become deserted.


Looking at the mansion on a whole, it was completely covered by the darkness of the night. However, one room was leaking a slight light. A single room inside the mansion.

In that room, a girl about 10 years of age was eating a simple meal of dried meat and water.

The girl’s name was Byune Fraut. She was a descendant of one of the four adventurers who had discovered the dungeon here and had cleared it to some exent before reporting it to the Kingdom, setting up the model for a labyrinth city.

With their achievements, the adventurers had been granted the right to carry down a family name, but only as a formality as they had no rights as nobles. However, to look at it another way, they also did not have any obligations that would be required of nobles.

It had been about 300 years since the Fraut family had fallen. The reason why the mansion was still somewhat maintained was because of the large number of magic items used in its construction. However, as expected, a large amount of money was still needed to maintain the mansion and its magic items. Both of Byune’s parents had already passed away and she was the only remaining member of the Fraut family. As the only successor, Byune entered the dungeon every day to earn money.

It was quite unfortunate for her that she was a thief with a certain level of skill. If she didn’t have any skills at all, it would have been impossible to maintain the mansion. But, if she had been a genius, maintaining the mansion wouldn’t have been a problem at all.

Still, working as a solo thief, she was able to earn enough money to maintain t

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