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Chapter 447: Entering the Shattered Divine Realm

Su Han immediately adjusted the coordinates of the teleportation door to this piece of chaotic void, placing the teleportation door on the foundation stone brought back from the turbulence. Immediately, the teleportation door became dozens of times larger, reaching a height of more than 1,000 meters.

The energy within the foundation stone was too surging, causing the teleportation door to become so much larger. The people of all races gathered around, looking at the scenery inside with great shock.

“Lord Human King, what is the place opposite?” Darcy asked.

“The place I am going to, I may have to go for a very long time. During this period of time, the ten thousand races can develop normally. If there are any problems, you can send me a voice transmission,” Su Han said.

“Lord Human King, our ten thousand races have indeed discovered some problems during this period of time. We always feel that there is some kind of power humming on the Tree of Life, but we are unable to understand it,” Darcy said.

Su Han looked at the Tree of Life. This was the place where the spirits of nature obtained their knowledge. There should be many secrets inside. Su Han used the Eye of the Galaxy to take a look and realized that he could not see through it.

It was the same when he looked at the giant’s corpse. It was clearly a corpse, but he still could not see through it.

‘My strength is not enough. When I step into the Divine Domain, perhaps I will be able to see through all these secrets. It is futile to go now. There might even be great danger,’ Su Han thought to himself.

Then, he explained to Darcy and the others, “Don’t get close to the Tree of Life. Just wait and see. When I return, I will deal with this matter.”

“Yes, Human King!” All the leaders of the ten thousand races agreed.

They had discussed several times during this period of time whether or not to study the Tree of Life. They had always been uncertain. Now that they had received Su Han’s order, they were no longer confused. They immediately followed it.

Now, on the Second Continent, all the races in the Shattered World were safe. Su Han still couldn’t study the Tree of Life and the giant’s corpse. He only had one choice left, which was to enter the Shattered Divine Realm.

Su Han officially entered the other end of the portal.

Then, he closed the portal. It was impossible for such a large portal to exist forever. Su Han observed the vibrant world he was currently in.

“The law here is of a higher level. The Second Continent cannot compare to even a blade of grass or a tree. This should be a corner of the Shattered Divine Realm that fell from the Divine Realm!” Su Han judged.

Su Han flew in the sky, intending to understand this place in depth.

Many scenes in the Shattered Divine Realm revealed the extraordinariness of this place. One could easily see a fierce beast that was as large

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